We need you

Senior Game Designer

Salary: DOE
Do you love video games, know the game industry, and are passionate about what you do? Maybe we're in the same boat, and you're exactly who our team of professionals needs!

Geeky House is an international game studio and publisher. We specialize in VR and mobile games as well as games using blockchain tech. Our founders and top managers have a lot of successful games in their portfolios, from indie projects to client-based MMOs of AAA level.

Our team currently has over 100 members.

Our projects include MineTap, Merge Evolution, Tiny Island, and a few other unannounced titles.

Currently, we are looking for an experienced game designer for a mobile Merge project.
What is expected of you:
Development and management of features: core and meta mechanics, in-game economy, progression system, leveling, and monetization

Writing and maintaining documentation

Assigning technical tasks to the GD department, the art department, and the development department
You're definitely fit for the job if:
You have over two years of experience as a lead game designer with casual or mid-core games

You have a clear understanding of the main product metrics in the market as well as which features allow you to achieve these metrics

You are ready to contribute to the shaping of a high-level vision of the project development

You have experience with economy, balance, and monetization

You have analytics experience (tables, analytics, hypothesis, A/B testing)

You have previously worked in all stages of project development (MVP, Soft, Global, LiveOps)

You are an advanced user of Google Sheets and MS Excel

You understand the specific features of mobile F2P games
Why is it convenient and nice to work with us:
We're not formal, we work towards a result, and we do so without red tape when making decisions

We give you a chance to implement your ideas and our full support to do so

You focus on the project only — we handle legal and admin

Work arrangements are all up to you; however, you have the advantage of engaging remotely with other employees who are working on a range of interesting projects

We encourage the evolution of our team, and we will pay for your upskilling courses.